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Zooba MOD APK v4.42.0 (Unlimited money and gems) Download 2024

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  • Updated
  • Version 4.42.0
  • Requirements Android 6.0
  • Developer Wildlife Studios
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
  • Votes: 4
  • Comments: 0
5/5 - (1 vote)
Popularity 6.54% 6.54%


5/5 - (1 vote)

Zooba Mod Apk is a vibrant zoo-themed battle royale game. Choose from a variety of eccentric animal characters with distinct powers to fight in intense battles and become the last man standing.

Players have loved Zooba’s fast-paced action and strategic gameplay. Its straightforward controls, bright graphics, and fascinating features have garnered millions of mobile game downloads.

The purpose of Zooba is to survive and kill other players. The last to stand wins. Along the way, you will collect Weapons, health packs, and other power-ups that will help you survive.

Zooba’s animal characters have unique powers and playstyles. There are fast foxes and tanky gorillas for every gamer.

Achievements, purchases, and character tokens in crates and rewards can be used to unlock new characters.

Game modes in Zooba MOD APK

Zooba MOD APK (Unlimited money and gems) Download 2024

Solo Mode

Solo Mode puts players against each other for survival. Playing alone in the arena tests your abilities and strategy.


Partner up to fight other partners in Duo Mode. To beat other pairs, you need teamwork and coordination.

Squad Play

Squad Mode normally has four-player teams. Strategic planning and communication are needed to win this mode.

Special Events

Events with unique rules and incentives are common at Zooba. These events give exclusive goods and variations to gameplay.

Arenas and maps

Zooba MOD APK (Unlimited money and gems) Download 2024

Zoba’s maps have dense rainforests and huge savannahs. Strategic benefits and obstacles vary by map.

Keep an eye out for things like water and fire that could hurt you. These hazards can hurt you or make you move more slowly, but they can also be used to trap and kill enemies.

Understand each map’s important details for a competitive advantage. Cover, chokepoints, and high ground are essential for ambushes and movement planning.

You can improve your character with power-ups and bonuses in the arena. Collecting these items is crucial for gaining an edge over your opponents.

Survival depends on resource management. Carefully use health packs and shields to grab as many power-ups as possible without risking your life.

Combat Mechanics

Zooba combat needs timing and positioning. Hide and wait until the proper moment. Be careful and use your skills to win.

After gaining experience, you’ll learn kiting (attacking while moving) and zoning. These techniques can boost your combat performance.

The environment may support you in combat. Keep an eye out, use obstacles for cover, and trap opponents with environmental hazards.

Character Classes and Abilities

Zooba has many characters that are organized into classes like support, melee, and ranged. Each class’s abilities affect gameplay.

Each Zooba character has unique skills. These skills can be anything from strong attacks to helpful buffs. They give the game strategy depth and variety.

It is important for new players to start with a character that is simple to master. For beginners, characters like Nyx the sneaky fox or Buck the tough bull are great choices because their skills and playstyle are easy to understand.

Consider your playstyle before choosing a character. Do you like close combat or staying at a distance? Matching your preferences with a character’s abilities improves gameplay and success.

Leveling up, accomplishing tasks, or buying in-game currency unlocks new characters. However, with Zooba MOD APK you have access to Unlimited money and gems as such you can easily unlock new characters.

Character Progression

In Zooba Mod Apk, it’s very important to level up your characters. As your characters gain experience points (XP) from matches, they level up, unlocking new abilities and improving their stats. When you level up, you get more power and opportunities in the fight.

Zooba characters have unlockable and upgradeable skills. Your approach and playstyle depend on these skills.

You unlock skills by leveling up. XP and leveling up give you new battle skills.

You can upgrade skills after unlocking them. Get money or gems from gameplay or buy them to upgrade.

Higher levels offer your characters more powerful new skills, more health, and more damage. In general, they are stronger in fight. The progression system adds depth and excitement as you build your roster.

Weapons in Zooba Mod Apk

Zooba has many kinds of weapons, from close-range ones like bombs and spears to far-off ones like bows and guns. Different types have different benefits.

The combat mechanics revolve around weapons. Your combat style and strategy depend on your weapon choice, making it crucial to victory.

Weapons can be found all over the battlefield in crates and supply drops. Explore the map and grab these items swiftly before your opponents do to gain an early advantage.

Land in places with several crates and supply drops to maximize weapon collection. Move around all the time and look for weapon icons on the mini-map.

Upgrading weapons increases power, damage, and special effects. This improves your battle abilities and survival odds.

Playing matches earn resources for weapon upgrades. Check the game’s main interface’s upgrade menu to see what resources you need to upgrade your weapons.


Zooba Mod Apk is a bright and exciting battle royale game centered around a zoo. Players choose from numerous animal characters with various powers and fight in an intense battles to be the last man standing. Mobile gamers love Zooba’s fast-paced, strategic gameplay.

Zooba Mod Apk has simple controls. On the left side of the screen is a virtual joystick for moving, and on the right are buttons for attacking and using skills. The interface is simple, with a health meter, minimap, and item indicators.

The Zooba characters range from fast foxes to strong gorillas. Characters’ skills and playstyles suit different player types and strategies.

Unlock characters through gameplay, achievements, and purchases. Character upgrades boost their battle power.

Recently, battle royale games have been popular due to their intense competition and the thrill of being the sole survivor. Zooba differentiates in this crowded genre with its cute animal characters and bright environments.

Hey Zoobsters! In this update we are adding some new emotes for Clan Wars, plus upcoming exciting content! See you at the Zoo!

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