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5 best FPS games for Android in 2024


One of the most common types of video games played all around the world is the first-person shooter. We have many masterpieces such as Call of Duty, Guns of Boom, and Apex Legends, along with many others. Additionally, we seem to be bombarded with several such amazing games. First-person shooters mostly have interesting plots, in which you play the main character and make your way through the plot.

Action game enthusiasts, especially those who like the First-Person Shooter (FPS) subgenre, are overjoyed by the possibility of being able to access and play games on their Android phones whenever, and however, they choose. To get a new generation of first-person shooter (FPS) enthusiasts to participate in the mobile revolution, gaming companies have released dozens of modern combat games for Android.

By facilitating jaw-dropping graphics, this genre is very popular. You can now find joy in high-end first-person shooter games, which not only provide excellent gameplay, but also outstanding graphics, effects, interesting stories, and a lot of other features. You’ll get to know a lot of notable and legendary game characters if you play first-person shooter games. In any case, the following is a list that we have carefully collected of the top 5 first-person shooter games on the Google Play store

1. Call of Duty Mobile

It is impossible to dispute the fact that Call of Duty Mobile (COD) is currently in the first place as one of the top first-person shooter games available on Android. So far this game has more than 500 million downloads. The video game has been around for a while on Android, yet it hasn’t lost any of its popularity. In fact, COD is so popular on consoles that users buy Playstation just to try it. One thing about  COA mobile is that it is age-restricted (17+ ). On COD Mobile you can fully expect a full experience for all of the game modes ranging from zombies to battle royale, and deathmatch with a fair amount of maps. 


2. Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is an action-packed first-person shooter game that was developed by Game Insight. There are three different game modes in this game. These are the King of the Hill, Control points, and Team Deathmatch. In Guns of Boom, you can choose to play on more than ten different maps. These maps are rather small, but they provide a wealth of concealment options that make it easy to camp and eliminate opponents.

One thing you must know is that this game has micro-transactions or as some people call them in-app purchases. You will enjoy the fullness of this game if you are ready to spend some real money. These include Gun Bucks and Gold, both of which can be used to unlock new guns and pieces of equipment like Helmets, Jackets, and Shirts. 


3. Apex Legends

In 2022, Apex Legends’ mobile version was introduced, and it immediately became popular. This first-person shooter (FPS) game is just a battle royale game similar to Call of Duty, but it includes a ton of game modes that are vastly different from those in COD in an effort to stay more original and compete with other battle royale games. You can select from a variety of heroes, and each of them has a unique set of abilities. You are free to play and enjoy the game however you like. The gameplay itself isn’t really challenging but it has a lot to offer for FBS lovers. The battle begins when your hero parachutes in just like in PUBG, as the map gradually closes in on you. Even though Apex Legends has only been available on the Play Store for a year, it already has a sizable fan base and new features that put it directly in opposition to titles like PUBG and Fortnite. The competition in the FPS and battle royale genres is tremendous. One aspect of Apex Legends that I loved is that you can play it to the fullest extent without having to spend real money because the majority of the characters, weapons, your hero’s appearance, and other items can be unlocked quickly as you progress through the game. You can play for free, but you can’t cheat your way to win, so be sure you’re prepared.


3. Dead Effect 2

The sci-fi first-person shooter game Dead Effect 2 features aspects of horror, survival, and role-playing games. You will take control of the main character, and you will have a choice between three different heroes. In addition, there will be a large quantity of equipment, weaponry, and body implants for you to discover and level up as you progress through the game. It includes a campaign that is over 20 hours long and a variety of different possibilities for upgrading. Your hero will progress in level too. In addition to that, the graphics are excellent. This is one of the best first-person shooter games for people who love the story campaign.


4. Modern Strike Online

This adventure first-person shooter game has been downloaded a combined total of more than 100 million times. More than fifty different firearms, such as shotguns, AWP rifles, assault rifles, and handguns, are available to use in this FPS game. Players have the option of playing on one of 14 different, randomly generated maps.

In Modern Strike Online, you can choose to play one of many various game modes, including HArdcore, Search and Diffuse, Bomb Mode, and so on. This game keeps a constantly updated scoreboard that ranks the best players from all over the world in terms of kills.



Every day, a huge number of new video games are introduced to users and made available for download. However, not all of them are of particularly high quality. It can be challenging to discover good games to play, particularly in the first-person shooter genre. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best first-person shooter games.